Martin Bakker

After reading about brown gas and the benefits it will give you, we ended up at H2booster. We have been using the device for 4 weeks now and are very satisfied. We also experienced Rudolf's personal explanation as very positive. So we highly recommend it.

Yolanda Groeneveld

Excellent service and great device! Highly recommended. Scientific research also clearly proves the usefulness of this therapy.

Lia van den Bos

I have a lot more air when using the device. My bowel movement is improving. So i’m super satisfied and recommend it to everyone.

Gerrie Wesselink, Keijenborg

Since I use the H2Booster my rheumatic complaints have become much less and I feel fitter and I sleep better.

Harry van Lent

Good for your health! Good for everything! Mother had a 2nd degree burn and was well helped by the hydrogen therapy! Within 2 weeks her entire forearm was healed!

Isa Grijsels

A surprise I didn't expect. Tried it for a while and after 6 months I noticed relief, especially in the allergy department . A great and easy to use machine. Breath, drink and through the skin, all three are great to use. Thanks Rudolf for your great support.

Lorinda Schaalje

I started the H2Booster in March and my life has changed completely. I was in a lot of pain my whole life because of soft tissue rheumatism. I suffered a lot. Sometimes I couldn't even hold my mug normally. After i started using the h2booster, i have no more pain and i can live like everyone else again. Highly recommended.

Devrim Tanfer

I am very satisfied with the device. I feel a lot more energetic during the day. Good personal services, very nice!


The first thing I noticed was, i immediately started sleeping better. The pain due to my bone disease did not immediately decrease, but the type of pain changed. After this I was completely pain free for a few weeks... such a relief!!

Unfortunately, it's not a magic charm that completely eradicates the disease, but the pain is way less intense. In my opinion, the inflammation isn't as strong and goes away faster.

I actually didn't even dare to hope that something else could help that has no side effects. Now that I know for sure the H2Booster has a good effect, I hope it can also help many others!

Marlien Labree

I have so much bene fi t from the H2Booster. Normally I use 2 puffs a day, now this is 2 a week.

I have so much more air and I sleep much better at night!

Johannes Treuren

I had a nasty inflammation in the back of my throat, which took on serious forms. By using the H2Booster, the inflammation decreased by more than half in 3 days. And then fi nally disappeared completely. I now use the H2O Booster every night, because I also noticed my energy increased enormously. What a great device!

Leo Stoter

It helps me to balance physically and mentally every time. Apparently, the energy you put in, comes out again. I am very happy I benefit a lot from it.



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