Hydrogen Therapy

Hydrogen Inhalation Therapy, or Hydrogen Therapy, is on the rise and the benefits are huge. Hydrogen is an essential element for all life on Earth.

Molecular hydrogen acts as a very strong antioxidant, it fights chronic diseases, it has a very beneficial effect on the brain, it slows down the aging process of cells and thus the skin, it gives energy, it hydrates the body, it improves the metabolism, etc

On this website you can find a lot of information about hydrogen therapy and what it can do for you.

H2Booster has developed an affordable hydrogen generator and its goal is to introduce as many people as possible to the special qualities of hydrogen therapy.

Hydrogen inhalation devices

Hydrogen therapy is still relatively unknown in the Netherlands, but this technology is already being used in foreign countries for all kinds of purposes. This varies from improving the growth of plants, to treating cancer and recovery from training sessions for top athletes.

We listed a number of devices that are also suitable for hydrogen therapy. Some are more beautiful and even better than the H2Booster! But unfortunately also very expensive, so not accessible for most people:

  1. George Wiseman’s AquaCure

The H2Booster was developed based on George Wiseman’s research and it is mainly thanks to him and his desire to share that knowledge, that we were able to develop the H2Booster. The H2Booster is comparable in capacity and power, and therefore also in terms of effect, to the original Aquacure. Wiseman has built in a number of extras that we do not have. Such as a light and a display to adjust the amount of Brown’s gas.

The H2Booster is therefore easier to use than the Aquacure and because of that simplicity we can also offer the H2Booster cheaper, only €649 incl VAT, compared to $2500 for the Aquacure.

  1. Hydrogen Technologies Moleculizer 810

This device from Australia can be called the Rolls Royce of hydrogen generators. It looks very slick, it is a solid device and is quieter than the H2Booster. It costs $7500 (AUD).

For your health it does not matter much whether you use this device or the H2Booster, both produce Brown’s gas, about 7 to 800 ml/min.

  1. The Recure H2 inhalator 120

This is a small and handy device for generating pure hydrogen. It certainly has health benefits, but with only 120 ml a minute of pure hydrogen, this device has a limited capacity, so it takes longer for the user to benefit from the hydrogen. In addition, it is better to also have oxygen and electrically charged water in the gas mixture, as is the case with the larger hydrogen generators. The cost is also higher than that of the H2Booster: €1309.

There are also hydrogen drinking cups, which are cups in which a small amount of hydrogen is formed in the water of the cup itself. The disadvantage of such drinking cups is that they: -or use electrolysis with a kind of grids,

-or they are a lot more expensive and use a PEM membrane. With both versions it is important to use really pure water, otherwise the electrolysis part in the cup will get dirty and the cup will no longer work properly. It is better for the quality of the drinking water to make Brown’s gas in a separate reaction vessel, as is done with the larger generators, such as the H2Booster and the Aquacure and then to bubble the gas through the drinking water. The gas is then pure, because any contamination remains in the device, in the steel bottle and in the front filter bottle of the H2Booster.

Boost your life!

The H2Booster makes a high-energy mixture of hydrogen gas, oxygen gas and water vapor, also known as Brown’s gas. This is the most ideal form of hydrogen therapy and this is the best technology there is on the market. Brown’s gas is the best antioxidant there is. The hydrogen molecule is so small that it easily enters all tissues and has a great effect there. It hydrates the cells and gives energy. Because the body gets energy from hydrogen, the use of it means a boost for the immune system and for your health!

The H2Booster boosts health 

The H2Booster generates hydrogen  

Hydrogen gives the body energy 

Hydrogen clears free radicals  

Hydrogen hydrates the body  

h2booster waterstoftherapie A blue h2o booster machine with a bottle of water on it.


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