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With this device you have access to one of the most powerful resources to boost your body and health. The H2Booster electrolyzes the water and makes hydrogen gas, oxygen and electrically charged water. This gas mixture is also called “Brown’s gas” or “Hydroxy”.

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Since 2007, more than 1,000 studies on Hydrogen Therapy have been done, mainly in Japan. In Japan, Hydrogen Therapy is already being used on a large scale in hospitals. Also ambulances are being equipped with these systems. In Korea and China, Hydrogen Therapy has been used since mid-2020 to treat COVID-19 patients who ended up in ICU, where it limits the damage caused by elevated oxygen levels.

The H2Booster makes hydrogen gas, oxygen and electrically charged water by electrolysing distilled water. This gas mixture is also called “Brown’s gas” or “Hydroxy”. This gas mixture is also called “Brown’s gas” or ‘Hydroxy”. Because this complete gas mixture is inhaled or otherwise applied, you benefit from each individual component:

  • Hydrogen molecules (H ₂ ) act as a selective antioxidant and neutralize the most harmful free radicals in the body. This releases energy that the body can use for beneficial use. The free radicals are converted into water, hydrating the body.
  • Oxygen (O2). We need oxygen for the metabolism of the body. Because the H2Booster supplies both oxygen and hydrogen, there is no risk of hypoxia (lack of oxygen). This hypoxia can occur with hydrogen therapy devices that separate the oxygen and therefore only supply hydrogen.
  • Electrically charged water is a form of water (H₂O) that has taken on extra electrons. This is also called a cold plasma. These extra electrons give the water molecule more energy. In the body, these extra electrons are released to free radicals. This also gives the body extra energy and better hydration.


Hydrogen is already being used by my people with very good results, both in the Netherlands as in many other countries In Japan, for example, it’s used in oxygen bars and wellness centers.

You may be wondering if there are any risks using hydrogen. The only risk we can think of is the fact that hydrogen activates the immune system. So people who suppress their immune system for medical reasons, such as people with donor organs, should refrain from hydrogen therapy and should definitely consult their treating physician. The body may also have to get used to​ using hydrogen. Your body suddenly gets much more energy! As a result the body can start recovery- and detoxification processes. This can also cause minor complaints in the beginning. Therefore it’s wise for most people to gently increase the use of hydrogen.

Avoid open fire
Furthermore, there is a small risk of a flame hitting the back bottle through the nasal cannula. That bottle will then tear open. Therefore, smoking and open fire should be avoided when using the H2Booster.

The H2Booster produces approximately 800 ml of Brown’s Gas a minute. In Japan, every patient gets 1,000 to 1,200 ml of Brown’s gas a minute. The gas mixture you breathe in, is below the explosion limit of hydrogen because of the lower concentration and outside air. So it’s considered impossible for a flame to hit the lungs. Still, better be safe than sorry and avoid smoking and open fire while using the H2Booster.

Hydrogen can be used in four ways:

  1. By drinking hydrogen-rich water
  2. By breathing it in
  3. By allowing the gas to be absorbed through the skin
  4. By allowing hydrogen-rich water to be absorbed through the skin

The most efficient of these methods is to inhale the hydrogen. You absorb the most hydrogen through the lungs and it spreads through the body the fastest and has the best therapeutic effect.

If you are sensitive to new experiences or if you are in poor health, it is advisable to start inhalation with caution. For example, the first time you only use it for 5 minutes.
If you do not notice a negative reaction from your body within a few hours, you can extend the time. On the following days, increase the time on the inhaler to the duration you find comfortable or necessary.

If you do notice a change in your body and you find this unpleasant, then it is advisable to not take hydrogen again until the next day and use it for a shorter amount of time then the previous time you used it (a smaller dose). A negative reaction isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It is a sign that the hydrogen is doing something to your body and the body will get used to it. Possibly it is a detoxification reaction, or a healing reaction, it will get worse, before it gets better. For weak or sensitive people it’s advisable to use this therapy in consultation with a doctor or therapist.
And remember: use at your own risk. Once the body is used to the hydrogen, there is no objection to inhaling hydrogen for a few hours a day. In Japan, it is even recommended to use hydrogen for 6 hours or more per day for certain serious diseases such as Parkinson’s or Cancer.

The vast majority of the people have a very positive reaction.
Hydrogen is also used for a faster recovery after intensive exercise, to improve the skin and blood vessels, to prevent a hangover, to slow down the aging process, against fatigue, etc. The possibilities are endless and everyone experiences different benefits when using it.



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